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What the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is to the US and what Friday Nights with Jonathan Ross is to the UK, The Afrodisiak Show with Kanyile will be to Africa!



New Book

New Book on Africa, IMAGINE LIVING THE AFRICAN DREAM! Thoughts on African Solutions to African Issues by Fritz Kanyile Ka-Ngwenya.




Kanyile's Bio

Born in Southern Africa, Fritz kanyile Ka-Ngwenya is an Author, Creator and Screen-play writer. 



Producers of Africa's premier Late Night Television Phenomenon

Inexorable International and Proudly African Production House!

Featuring International Philanthropists and Empowering African Women

Russell Simmons Def Jam Co-founder Russell Simmons with The Afrodisiak Show Creator

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Best Selling Author Russell Simmons with host Kanyile

 The Afrodisiak Show with Kanyile



Television, Fashion, Sports, Movies, Music, Business & Philanthropy

Between Africa and the rest of the World!

Production Vision With A Mission


 Our mission is to build a formidable, Inexorable International and Proudly African production powerhouse that bridges the gap between the African and Global entertainment and business industries, by producing content-driven, mentally-stimulating, and celebrity-focused television shows and live event experiences that not only satisfy the viewers but amazes them. 

To be a connector between International Philanthropists and African Non-Profit Organisations. To promote philanthropists and spotlight their good works.

To be a catalyst in creating and fermenting collaborations between international acts and their African counterparts. To promote experts/gurus to a global audience and to expand their business to an international market.
To be a leader in providing quality content and African-themed programs to  Continental Africa and global networks. These include television shows, Films, and Special live events.
To educate, motivate and guide the African community. To showcase that Africa's cultural diversity is her  vivacity. To the international community to improve Africa’s image.
 To Promote African artists to a global audience. African personalities will be invited them to the US to make personal appearances and live perfomances.

To bridge the chasm and connect continents through the Arts and Culture. Promote a healthy lifestyle through sports.

The Afrodisiak Show Creator and Executive Producer, Fritz Kanyile Ka-Ngwenya

"Whoever controls the images, controls your self-esteem, self-respect and self-development. Whoever controls the history, controls the vision."
Dr. Leonard Jeffries

10-City Book Tour - May 25th 2015, Initiators (Cumberland Mall) Atlanta GA Im
War Veteran Inc. Security Africa's Top Celebrity Security Company - War Veteran Inc.

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Pictures from our last event are now online! Check them out.

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10-City Book Tour

Aug 14, 2014
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Preparation of the Launch

Jan 3, 2014
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